Ivy Quainoo – “Dancing Dynamite” (Album: Wildfires)

When I just started the production for Ivy’s song “Dancing dynamite” I went with my friends Axel & Jakob to the concert of Asher Roth in Berlin’s “Festsaal Kreuzberg”. We saw a great performing Asher with an amazing playing Band from New York City. After the gig we met the Drummer and talked about potential collaborating maybe one day as i liked their playing a lot.
It turned out that they had an “Off day” the next day, so why not doing a session the next day?!?
I started loving the idea to hear them on Ivy’s track.
After a few phonecalls I was very lucky to get studio time in one of Berlin’s finest Recording Studios “Radio Ost” the next night.
So here is what happened the next night in pictures…
Thanks to Roofeeo (aka Jah N. Landis, Drums), Dre (Andre Cleghorn, Bass) & Basil (Wajdowicz, Keys)…. Yensin Jahn (Studio)… Axel, Marian & Jakob Storm (Freinds & Camera)!

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