Jaqee Album & Maxim Single RELEASE!

Today are 2 Releases i’m really happy about! The release of JAQEE‘s new Album “YES I AM” and MAXIM‘s 2nd Single “RÜCKSPIEGEL”.

Jaqee’s Album i produced over the last 2 years, beeing in Jamaica, South Africa, Sweden and Germany, so a lot of different inspirations and vibes in it. Today is worldwide release and […]

Maxim – Rückspiegel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Maxim – “Rückspiegel” (LYRIC VIDEO)

Here comes the Lyric Video to Maxim‘s upcoming 2nd single “Rückspiegel”. This song was a real journey in production. Many many nights i was sitting on recordings we did, editing, turning, twisting.. forwards, backwards … One of the productions where you know it can be really sth special but you’re never satisfied. Never before […]